I was educated in a well known girl private school in Thailand,Wattana Wittaya Academy, since I was a child until I graduated in year 2003.

Generally,I have gained susbstantial educational knowledge,imagination  moreover,I think it is very beneficial for the students to stay in the boarding school as it helps

students manage themselves properly in order to fit in the new environment and become more self-independent. After I got degree in visual communication art & design from Rangsit University which offerred me a lot of opportunities to improve myself in various client works.

I like to collect a beautiful woman pictures. Especially, a symbolic used for convey of significances. I always study about symbolic meaning, It be mysterious, deep and succulent, sometime you can touch it from song that you heard, a meaning in a lyric, some word in a speech of people around you, a pleasure that you received or a animosity that somebody give it to you.

Everyone have own inspiration but a social environment, their surrounding association and their communication are the motivation to expose our inspiration but depend on individual.I have passionate in my works because it’s like an attractive for spectators to get inside my works. In my opinion, passionate are the mysteriousness and beautiful in women eyes expression that I drew. You do not know what thing her think about that is a question I leave to spectators for find their own answer.That why I can not stop to draw a woman mysteriousness eyes expression.


Now I’m freelancer. I production to order of Illustrations, pattern and some graphic work.

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