The Eden in Tiger translate 2010

Tiger Translate T-shirt design by ise


so excited to see my work such a gigantic view!


My artwork for Tiger Translate 2010

first time to work with ODD,he’s the best graphic designer in here.

we decided to use “ADAM&EVE” to be a main concept

because of a frame had been designed like a tree

and the name of this zone is “For rest”

then it related to be a tree with ADAM & EVE…

size:3m //Daylight

I design in the part of EVE and I left a word of a serpent (a tiger) and 7 days of created.

By the way,it feel Avant garde in the air

not surreal too much but modernism either …

front:ODD work //Back:My work


7 Responses to “The Eden in Tiger translate 2010”
  1. famefamous says:

    I love it! fantastic!!!

  2. happygraff says:

    these are really incridible and fantastic:)i really love ur illustrations!:):)

  3. kamonnart says:

    agree with p’fame ka 🙂 love them so!

  4. ise says:

    Thank you kaa! ^^

  5. PNK38 says:

    ยอดไปเลย สวยมากค่ะ : )


    ชอบงานพี่มากฮะ สวยยย : )

  7. sionvess says:


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